Penn Dutch Deli Express

Poultry Price
Whole Rotisserie Chicken 5.99
8 Piece Fried chicken 5.49
12 Piece Fried Chicken
24 Piece Fried Chicken
50 Piece Fried Chicken
Penn Dutch Gourmet Sub Add $1.00 for Boars Head Meats
(NOTE Any above Sub can be a Wrap or a Big Bowl Salad)
American (Turkey, Ham & Longboat Cheese Choice) 5.99
Italian (Ham Cappicola & salami Cheese Choice) 5.99
Supreme: Turkey, Ham & Roasted Beef Choice of cheese) 5.99
Cuban: (Sweet serrano, Roasted Pork, Swiss & Pickle on Cuban Bread 5.99
Gyros: ( Lamb,Tomato Lettuce and Onion With Tsaziki Sauce) 5.99
Penn Dutch Gourmet Wraps
 (Choose Wrap Flavor, Spinach, Garlic Pesto or Sun dried Tomato)
Tuna Salad 5.99
Chicken  Salad 5.99
Turkey & Swiss 5.99
Italian Wrap 5.99
All have Lettuce, Tomato and Cheese
Bucket Of Fried Wings
25 Count 12.49
50 Count 24.99
100 Count 49.99
Drenchened: Buffalo Sauce , BBQ or Plain
Gourmet Subs
3 Foot Sub add 30% for Boars Head Meats
6 Foot Sub add 30% for Boars Head Meats
Specify Lettuce Tomato Onions type of cheese
Jumbo Salad Bowl
Hot Foods
Chicken Tendors (by LB.) 5.99 per LB.
Sweet Potato Chips 1.99 per Bag
Potato Wedges 2.99 per LB.
Macaroni & beef By LB. 4.99 per LB.
Macaroni & Cheese By LB. 3.99 per LB.
Lasangna by LB. 4.99 per LB.
Meatballs with Marinara or Swedish Style by LB. 5.99 per LB.
Chicken Alfredo with Brocoli by LB. 5.99 per LB.
Italian sweet sausage With pepeers & Onion by LB. 4.99 per LB.
Ziti With Marinas Sauce by LB. 2.99 per LB.
Event platters
All Party Platters are availabe by Request
Sandwich Platter
Wing Platter
Meat Platter Cheese Platter
Meat & cheese platter
Veggie platter With Dip
Fruit Plater
Cube Cheese Platter (Cubed Meats can be added)
Salad Platter: Macaroni or Potato salad  & Cole Slaw Platter
Antipasto Salad platter