From Dan and Sandy:
To Everyone at Penn-Dutch:

Recently while visiting relatives in Pompano Beach, my wife and I visited your
Margate store (our 1st visit). I worked at Publix for the last 9 years, and I can
honestly say you exceed them in every single way. I was completely blown away by
your variety, quality, and prices. We wish you would open a store closer to us
(we have several recommendations). In the meantime, we will depend on our relatives
providing us with your products whenever they visit.
Dan & Sandy

From Maureen:

I have been going to Penn Dutch for the last 28 years. First in Hollywood, when
I lived in Davie. When I moved to Palm Beach Co. in 1987, I would take my cooler
and drive down there to do my monthly shopping. Since your other store opened in
Pompano Beach I shop there. That store is alot bigger. You help the American’s with
keeping the prices at a bay. The foods, meats, vegtables and just everything is fresh.
Thanks to ALL!!!
Keep up the good work!
Happy 4th Of July, 2010
From Karen:

WOW! this place has it all. We live in West Palm Beach, our friends told us that we need to make the trip to Penn Dutch in Margate. We could not believe how busy it was, and people were going from item to item. All were smiling and for good reason…the prices are awesome. The produce department was packed with the freshest stuff ever and priced half that of Publix! The deli prices too were incredibly low including thier Boars Head stuff. The biggest Meat depatment I ever saw. I saw items I have not seen in the cookie cutter supermarkets in years. Boneless chicken breast $1.79lb no limits, filet mignon $6.99lb. It was worth the 25 minute ride and we will be back again & again. My hubby and I enjoyed shopping there. we spent $152.00 and came out with a full wagon and enough meals for two weeks or more, and we were still smiling and talking about all the way home. In short you gotta see this place, you’ll save money and enjoy it at the same time. Even the employees looked like they were havin’ fun.

From Tom:

If you want quality groceries, for less, go here! Last week they had angus roast beet for $3.99 a lb. You can’€™t even get balony at Winn-Dixie for that amount. When it comes to meats and fish this place blows Publix and Winn-Dixies out of the water. A very pleasant shopping experience especially in this recession…

From Mark:

Penn Dutch has been a life saver for our family with the prices of everything around us being raised. It seems the higher quality of the meat, the more you save. My wife & I can have two dinners of Angus steak at Penn Dutch for next to nothing. The Hollywood store is smaller and you can smell the smokehouses while shopping. LOVE IT!! If you want bigger, I highly recommend the Margate store–much bigger. ALSO: You will save so much on lunch meat here! I would say that their lunch meat is half the price of Publix or Winn Dixie. Also, the fish is about half the price of any other supermarket. It is super fresh. They catch what they can here and get some of it from overseas. And where else can you get a lovely cut of Salmon for less than anywhere else?? The staff here are always friendly, and will even joke around with each other behind the counter. This is just a store for normal people like you and me who are on a budget. No pretense.

From Lance:

Huge selection of meats, poultry, and seafood at a middleman’s price. The butchers are friendly and knowledgeable, provide good service, and information on there products. As for the rest of the staff I find them to be friendly and courteous. When you do go shopping there “be prepared for large crowds” on any day or at any time. There truly is NO place like Penn Dutch. Both stores are great.

From Pat:
I really enjoyed looking through the cookies and cupcakes section of the recipes
area!I found two really good sounding cookie recipes to add to my Christmas
cookie baking event that I do every year with my daughters and now with my new
grandson! Thank you for such a great place on the internet to see new things. By
the way, your store rocks!! Even though I live on the west coast of Florida, I
still make it a must for me to come to the east coast and stay with very
understanding friends and shop at your store in Margate. I fill my very large
cooler with all kinds of good stuff and then, after spending quality time with
my friends, head home to enjoy all the excellent food I that I purchased!
I really wish you would come to the west coast of Florida and open a store. We
have several newer Winn Dixie stores that have shut down in our area but know
that if you were to ever open a store here. You would give Wal-Mart a run for
the money..
Thanks again for such a wonderful store.
All the best!!